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Blessing Fertility Center

We are famous for Gynecological procedures like hysterectomy and laparoscopic surgeries. We have been an one stop place for all gynaec problems and our expertise lies in providing affordable Laparoscopic surgeries.

  • Infertility Treatment – IUI, Laparoscopic treatments for infertility, IVF, ICSI (Test tube baby centre)
  • Obstetrics – Pregnancy (Ante-natal) care & Delivery services – Specialised high risk pregnancy care.
  • Gynaecology services – Menstrual disorders, Endometriosis, Chocolate cyst, Ovarian cyst, ovarian cancer, Hysterectomy, Fibroids removal, Sterlization, Polyp removal, IUD insertion. All surgeries at affordable prices.
  • Laparoscopy – Diagnostic & Operative Hysterocopy & Laparoscopy procedures. We have been doing maximum number of Laparoscopic Myomectomy (Fibroid removal)
  • Hysterectomy – Laparoscopic, Vaginal & open hysterectomy. Day care hysterectomy.
  • Pediatric, Geriatric Gynecology & Gynaec oncology
  • All procedures under the New govt Insurance scheme is being provided.


Dr.HELEN JEBASINGH (Medical Director)

Dr.Helen is an Infertility Specialist with 15 years of clinical expertise in Reproductive field. Her noble motto of rendering Infertility treatment at an affordable cost and treating patients with compassion makes her a more sought out gynecologist in the temple city. Her nature of seeing patients as a person and analysis of their issue inspires many couples with fertility problems to tackle their maniac world of criticism and encourages them to take a step ahead with confidence. Upholding the spirit of team of doctors and maintaining the ergonomics of the department providing advanced treatments and decision making as a team proves her as a passionate person in reproductive health. Her aim of serving cancer patients to preserve their fertility and research in cryobiology dealing with complicated patients with confidence and never saying a ‘No No’ to them serves as a witnesses to her as a resourceful reproductive specialist supporting them in all forms, psychologically and financially that ensures satisfaction in patients and assures their well being.


Mr. K K . GANESAN ( Program Head of Embryology, Chief Embryologist)

The scientific team is headed by Mr. Ganesan who possesses nearly 22 years of expertise in Clinical Embryology. Building a strong embryology team Mr. Ganesan has to his accolades of having worked under eminent Clinicians & Scientist all over India. Having accomplished many researches, his scientific works wings broad from Basic treatments to Advanced technologies. Focusing researches in Sperm DNA markers, Molecular Assays., his advance Performance in nuances of Cryobiology Gamete preservation and embryo biopsy thus sculpting him a technical wizard. His aim of developing techniques at a low cost has gained prominence among clinicians. Building confidence in Doctors easing a doctor- patient relationship ,Trouble shooting any kind of circumstance and an accredited Quality Assurer ,Trainer & a good Team Leader makes him nothing lesser than an AFICIANODO of Embryology. His modest nature and down to earth personality makes him a choice to many clinicians.

Ms. S.GOMATHY (Clinical Embryologist & Psychologist)

Ms. Gomathy has worked in Infertility and Cancer field and been trained in Embryology and at present works in Reproductive field and counsels patients with Empathy and runs the program towards success. Having knowledge both in Clinical & Embryological aspects she has been the support for the team nearly 7 years. Her Analytical skill and logical thinking ,focussing interest in Endometrial assay & PGD makes her an promising Embryologist .